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Friday, May 21, 2010

♥Quote of The Day♥

Sometimes the guy you want the most, is the guy you’re best without

*copas dari #ihatequotes

Friday, May 14, 2010

♥trying to face reality♥

hampir lupa kalo saya sudah mulai punya blog :D

so, for 3 week I tried to forgot all 'bout yaa :)
very difficult?of course dude.. but ma friends always support me :D
loveee y'all XOXO
heeiii and I can learning something from this fu**in' problem :)

promise doesn't exist and never will exist

ada salah satu sahabat saya yang berkata pada saya bahwa,
1 detik yang sudah saya lewati adalah masa lalu..
dan janji masa lalu memang hanya sebuah janji :)
sounds good :) but look silly for me --"

dan sekarang saya jauh merasa lebih baik.. (mungkin)
hanya yang saya tidak pernah habis pikir adalah,

he's too sweet..

For the first time when I met him, I think he’ll be a nice guy, a romantic guy, a faithful guy...

But for the reality??

Big no no!! maybe that’s true if I say that he’s a handsome guy..but for his attitude??

Ooohhh God..

Sometimes I felt so stupid when I fallin' in love wit him..

I always trust that he’s the one..

Someone who never hurt a girl

And he made me never to felt scared if he beside me..

Always hold my arms and always gave me warmth..

He made me dreaming about our future..

He said to me,

“I love you and you love me..we’re gonna make a big family”

"Everything is you.."

"Love you my bear"

Family??you sure??oh God…only in your mind babe..

you ever promised me that you'll decide your relationship with your gf,rite??

Too many promise you’ve made to me..

You’re a perfect man..

Good guy gonna bad I think..

Fine..I’ll write my own fairytale..

With the happy ending for the end my story..

Not sad ending or bad ending like you gave to me

Monday, May 3, 2010

Today's Quote

The relationship may be over, but the love still remains